Monday, November 10, 2014

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Who are you especially keen on?
These days, Charles Mayton, who is a painter showing at David Lewis Gallery. He makes conceptually rigorous abstract paintings. Carissa Rodriguez, who showed in our project space recently. Michael E. Smith is a really interesting sculptor who works with organic materials in a profound way. And Sam Pulitzer and Mathieu Malouf are artists I’m very interested in.

Where do you think contemporary art is going?
I think that we are coming out of the obsession with abstraction and moving back towards a more conceptual type of art. That is not to say that the art of the future is going to ignore the visual. I think the aesthetic is probably going to get more and more difficult to digest, because that is where art needs to go. But this aesthetic will age very well, although it might not immediately be defined as a pleasurable experience. 

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