Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"the work of jacqueline humphries"—a poem by David Joselit

Humphrey silver 



Digitally packed like digital interference or snow
Distinct border zone
Delicate dripping carefully marked lines
Ready made matrix of the canvas itself
Logic of GPS navigation
Closely spaced geometrical rosters
Systems of systems interrupted/
Disruptive passage of bright color

Powerful agents of doubt

Humphries' doubt

A disruption in the system of systems

Asymmetry introduces a... situation

Painting as gestural practice
Painting as conceptual practice 

Painting leads is back to life by breaking down the opposition between gesture and picture, the gap between which is CRITIQUE

Painting as a world to be OCCUPIED rather than a prison of spectacle

The picture is a guide or a score for the painter to make marks

Maybe this is the spectacle but if we re gonna say that, let's be sure, ok?
The mark is a way to mark time---and again...

I'm willing to admit that taste is, like, 
always there

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