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Holiday Season + Airbnb = Opportunity

Hi Jerry,
Want to earn some extra income this Holiday Season while welcoming travelers from all over the world? Take the first step: update your Airbnb listing today!
We understand that maintaining a listing takes work - we are here to help. Let us start by sharing with you our hospitality standards standards and how top hosts perform in your markets:
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YouAverageTop 10%
User FocusedUser Photo(Present)YesYesYes
User Description(No. of descriptive words)03499
Listing FocusedListing Photo(No. of good quality photos)61023
Listing Description(No. of descriptive words)44250368
Last calendar update(No. of days since last update)250909
Host-to-guest communicationResponse rate (%)0%84%100%
We think the following tips and tricks can really help boost your success!
2014-11-24 22:26:52 +0000

User Profile: Your photograph & description

Airbnb is a community built on trust. Help guests get to know you. Share a great photo that shows your friendly face. Make sure to introduce yourself – guests want to know you! Do you like yoga, hiking or cooking? Is your hosting style casual, social, interactive, or private?
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Listing Description

Listings with detailed descriptions are more likely to be viewed, which can result in more bookings. Login to your Airbnb profile now and follow our simple instructions to polish up your listing description.

An Accurate and Unique Description

Tell guests what to expect from your space, from little luxuries (in-house laundry, cool roommates?) to tiny tribulations (slow internet, low water pressure?). Make sure to give them an honest portrait of your place. Guests gravitate to listings with personality – describe the style, age, condition, noises, and smells one might encounter in your space.

The Right Price

Find the right price by balancing your guests' expectations with your listing's offerings. Use our Pricing tool or look at nearby listings with similar accommodations and price yourself accordingly. If you're a first time host on Airbnb, lower your rate about 20% until you secure your first review.

Highlight Amenities

Call out the amenities offered at your listing. Guests expect the basics. Ensure you plan to offer clean towels and bed sheets, soap and toilet paper. List any other in-demand amenities (hairdryer, laundry or other appliances) you can offer.

House Rules

Tell guests how to behave when under your roof --- share any regulations you may have about visitors, noise levels or check-out in your House Rules.
2014-11-24 22:26:52 +0000

Last Calendar Update

Make sure you only receive booking requests when you’re ready and available to host. How often you host is for you to decide, but we expect you to accurately communicate your availability. That is why it is important to manage your calendar on an ongoing basis - at least once every 3 months.
2014-11-24 22:26:52 +0000

Communicating with your guests

Staying responsive to inquiries is a powerful way for hosts to confirm more bookings! For hosts and guests alike, it’s important to feel comfortable about every booking on Airbnb. Develop trust with your guests by the messages you share.
2014-11-24 22:26:52 +0000

We want you to succeed as a host. And in order to support you in this exciting journey, we will provide you with a $50 coupon for cleaning services if you get your first booking within this month! (Email us at for your unique coupon code)
Warm regards,
Your Local Airbnb Team
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Hello, List! 

Here are the listings as of November 26, 2014. 
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Your Listings Project is so HUMAN, I love it. -Jason 
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Daniel Faust 
 Rainer Ganahl 
 Marcelo Grassmann 
Bradley Kronz 
Adriana Lara
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy
Emanuele Marcuccio
Paulo Nimer Pjota
Max Hooper Schneider
Sergei Tcherepnin
Erika Verzutti     


  27 Novembro – 20 Dezembro 2014 | November 27th - December 20th, 2014

Abertura: 27 de Novembro às 19:00h | Opening: November 27th, h 19:00

 BFA Boatos tem o prazer de apresentar A Paz Entre os Animais, exposição coletiva com curadoria de Michele D'Aurizio  
BFA Boatos is pleased to present A Paz Entre os Animais, group show curated by Michele D'Aurizio

  Rua Joao Moura 187 | 05412-001 | São Paulo | SP | Brasil

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"the work of jacqueline humphries"—a poem by David Joselit

Humphrey silver 



Digitally packed like digital interference or snow
Distinct border zone
Delicate dripping carefully marked lines
Ready made matrix of the canvas itself
Logic of GPS navigation
Closely spaced geometrical rosters
Systems of systems interrupted/
Disruptive passage of bright color

Powerful agents of doubt

Humphries' doubt

A disruption in the system of systems

Asymmetry introduces a... situation

Painting as gestural practice
Painting as conceptual practice 

Painting leads is back to life by breaking down the opposition between gesture and picture, the gap between which is CRITIQUE

Painting as a world to be OCCUPIED rather than a prison of spectacle

The picture is a guide or a score for the painter to make marks

Maybe this is the spectacle but if we re gonna say that, let's be sure, ok?
The mark is a way to mark time---and again...

I'm willing to admit that taste is, like, 
always there

The Anthropocene and the concept of resilience in the movie "Godzilla"—by John Beeson



Monday, November 10, 2014

username: neinnein_nein password: Squareone

Who are you especially keen on?
These days, Charles Mayton, who is a painter showing at David Lewis Gallery. He makes conceptually rigorous abstract paintings. Carissa Rodriguez, who showed in our project space recently. Michael E. Smith is a really interesting sculptor who works with organic materials in a profound way. And Sam Pulitzer and Mathieu Malouf are artists I’m very interested in.

Where do you think contemporary art is going?
I think that we are coming out of the obsession with abstraction and moving back towards a more conceptual type of art. That is not to say that the art of the future is going to ignore the visual. I think the aesthetic is probably going to get more and more difficult to digest, because that is where art needs to go. But this aesthetic will age very well, although it might not immediately be defined as a pleasurable experience. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Catherine Taft: It seems very clear that the catalog’s language adopts the language of its own production. Surprisingly, some reviews of the first installment of “The Production Line of Happiness” alluded to a spirit of obfuscation in the show—for example, the wall labels being dislocated from their work—which prompts me to ask if there is a degree of illegibility operating in your work, either intentionally or not?
Christoper Williams: Illegibility? No, I am actually not interested in that idea at all, although the idea of disarticulation and methodologies of separation are of great interest to me. With regard to the book, I can’t imagine one that is clearer about its economic and material realities.
The history of photography as art in the 20th century is the history of the illustrated press or the photo book, and no one stands as a better example of this than Walker Evans, who embraced the roles of photographer, editor, graphic designer, typographer, and copy writer. In his books, but especially his magazine work, no one element took dominance over the others. In fact, he used each element as a device to open up rather than reduce the possibilities of the entire network. Evans possessed an acute sense of context and many times used his position within a publication to criticize the ideology of its support structure. Making the jump to the context of exhibition and gallery display, it’s of course easy to think of the photographic practitioner extending their role to that of the curator, exhibition designer, etc.
Two things should be noted: Evans was criticized for the physical distance between his photographs and his texts, and it is well known that he locked himself in the Museum of Modern Art to arrange his own pictures, sometimes wheat pasting them to the walls so that they could not be moved.