Wednesday, May 7, 2014


We know from several people that you are behind this blog, so I do not appreciate your sarcasm re: leak of confidentiality – you are the one to be held responsible. 

Indeed, after my complaint to you, some changes have been made, but the correspondence and our advertising banners are still there. I urge you to remove the whole post immediately or we will have to proceed with legal action.

I want to stress once again that this is entirely unnecessary because we are aware of your due invoice for an article in the current issue and we are willing to make this payment after the above is cleared.


Cristina Travaglini
Managing Editor

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  1. I too anxiously await payment from Kaleidoscope...

  2. dying :(:):(:0:(:):):):(;(;(:););:((999900000

  3. I've been there. Cristina, if you're reading this: fuck you.

  4. thks jerry for calling them out on this. they never pay on time, why do they think this is ok????? yet they are so against it being spoken about it :-( if lack of payment upsets u so much kscope why dont u just pay on time doh? . oh shit Kscope ur rep is solid :-( everyone knows u dont pay and the time wasted with a billion emails is time u owe everyone u every fucked over. its total bullshit they threaten legal action. invoice should be paid within 30day. not 30months. ;-/

  5. Good to know I'm not the only one. People - never ever work with Kaleidoscope. They are criminals. Not long now before the ship goes down - probably with all our unpaid invoices on board. Glug glug.

  6. Bezahl uns endlich, KALEIDOSCOPE. Sonst wir machen legal action!


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