Thursday, October 24, 2013

"That was a good opportunity for V*l*nc** but the angle was a bit difficult. R**l S*c**d*d were back in numbers though."

"D*v*d M*y*s is out patrolling his technical area now. He's not happy with how his side have been carelessly giving the ball away."

"Sloppy play from Un*t*d early in the second half as W*yn* R**n*y, who has now dropped deep to try and influence the game more, tries to spread play but R*f**l fails to control the pass and the move breaks down."

"If you get chance to see Zl*t*n *br*h*m*v*c's hat-trick tonight, take it. His second was good but his third was sensational. What a player!"

"That was like the nineties all over again. Ry*n G*ggs break through, outstripping the S*c**d*d defenders for pace, before the 39-year-old remembers he's nearly 40 and slows down. He's eventually caught, but at least he wins a free-kick for his team."

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