Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Dear Michaela,

Hope life is smooth.

I think you are a great artist. I do so much internet browsing and so much of what I see bores me, mise en abyme of the previous writer/blogger/collector/celebrity. Your work is alive, and strange, and contradicts itself. I feel it comes from a place of critique, but in a broad sense, and of course
there is a difference between critique and education. Many collectors and artists don't grasp a distinction between these forms, they are all too willing to educate, give away a useful narrative, but there is no source, no structure actually being critiqued. To use art, or whatever format, to teach but to do so without the intent of dismantling a regime. This feels like repetition. Your work is quite unlike that, it does something, by not doing something else, in a very structural sense. This is a real means of radicality. A movement. In seeing your project and strategy, and thinking back on it, I understand I was seeing a different technique at work, in advancement through replacement. I don't know for sure what was being replaced, but I can sense the event of your project. (although I hate modernity's logic of progression, don't get me wrong, its not about moving forward, its about the work changing an understanding, or the work delivering a new subjectivity, or the work devising a new system However, this is key, it is not so important that these are new understandings, subjectivities or systems, just that they aren't the established ones. New as in shift, not new as in contemporary)

And your blog is so funny as well. Those posts are just killer. I can't speak strongly enough about the new ones. They are the best thing I've seen by a non-full-time blogger in a long time. Your use of jpgs is next-level. I am committed that anything else you would publish would be rad as well.

So I'm starting this gallery.
Called William, after William Wheaton, someone who used to write for my blog and who just got fired several years ago.

There is a trash can.
179 Canal, 5th floor
About 2 square feet, about at least half of which is regular garbage on a normal day.
I don't mind the texture.
The space is as much for me about creating another orifice in Manhattan to insert art into, that isn’t a fucking bar where you have to pay dough. And so much in NY is boring. Do we need more abstract paintings! crap.

We’d like to do a project with you. I'm going to represent artists, at this point I'm not too concerned. The garbage is a good dealer, it doesn't settle on shit. It would rather do nothing. It doesn’t sell to whoever, I sell to really excellent collectors like you. Garbage doesn't make up stupid pitches, it’s aggressive, but it keeps things ambiguous. I think the equation should always lean in the favor of the collector/gallerist/artist. Garbage is a hustler. It isn’t desperate to make dough, it isn’t desperate to get big. But it accomplishes both without trying. It’s desperate to get my artists dough. It’s desperate to promote some confusion with the public. I'm a great advocate for art.

I think your art is fucking excellent. I'm 100% about it..

I want to do artfairs, and I want to sell work and buy art and show hot artists year round, whatever pay$ for it, and I want to integrate it to really killer people, bodies, things, projects, networking, experience$, environments that promote the total gentrification of garbage. the can’s vibe is undeniable. I feel your work too. Everytime i check your images out online, the can’s aura glows, its stench grows. I want money. I want Adam Lindemann’s money too. The gallery however needs artworks. Its needs are beyond life. I’m sure you understand. There are some aspects of the commercial "serious" artworld i dig, (the money and the party/social networking/contemporary art daily, just not the art mostly...) mostly the capital and the lifestyle and the bodies. i like putting good work into good collections. I like turning eager minds onto some next level weirdness, i like promoting, I love it.

I think you’re so cool. I'd love to work with you on contemporary art projects/networking shit.

I'm totally flexible. As a dealer and gallerist I don't expect much from an artist, etc. I think you should do what you want. I like to talk, and give feedback, and in a certain regard, provide an awareness of feedback from the depths of the garbage. But it's your thing.

I'd be willing and stoked to work with you in whatever capacity. You want a SOLO SHOW at William? Boom. Done. I'm into. I'm behind it completely. Whenever you want. You want to curate a solo exhibition in the garbage? Boom Done. I'm into. You want to do a 2 person, or 3-work $how with me. Great, Let me know.

I want to make it happen, hook it up so you don't come off as a self-promoter or whatever, in the garbage, recycle, or whatever.

I know we don't know each other sooo well. Evolved acquaintances. I think this can be a strength too. Working with friends is brilliant, but also can be confusing, I think whats ideal is when you become friends via a working relationship, through gained trust and support. And I'm somewhat objective in it.
I'm objective enough that knowing how rad and smart and good looking you are, it ain’t personal!

My gallery’s first $how will be curated by Jay $anders and Olivia $hao. We already have some very interesting and influential people on board—4 of the 7 subscribers are curators, David Lieske the artist has viewed our site, Michael Krebber forwarded it to his email list, and a series of young international artists that have shown at all the coolest galleries are eager to make money with us.
I'd like to keep it somehow variable, so it feels flexible like it is alive, or dying, but at least moving and occurring, like macerating garbage.

I'm moving towards working with some people. I'll be upfront.
I will show Jana Euler, smart young female artist/painter, went to the influential Staedelschule. Think Karen Klimnik meets Immendorf... ON CRACK LOL. Her work is actually really gnarly in a certain light, ripping up oil paint with blades.There is something concrete about it which is really important to me, something about semiocapitalist decay, and then we'll see. Maybe it’s not your thing though, it doesn’t have “black cum $uffocation” written on it—haha. but that could be arranged..
I don’t know.
I'm really open and looking.

i'll do a show with Mathew Sova.
we will see how it goes. whats nice about his work is how serious he
takes the responsibility. if youve ever met him you can see how
conflicted he is. he is figuring it out. I like that in an artist. no
cruise control. a real investigation into process and the machine. he
might do a specific project for me, something specific to the
space or the time.
and then on my list of people i really want to get money from...
Adam Lindemann


I've been emailing with him and we're meeting on the 1st of January to start the year$$$$ of. slaughtered with opacity, one of the best things i've ever been able to spend
my time doing.
i like Bjarne Melgaard's money a whole lot. and he said he could help us get ads and champagne.
and then we'll see.

If I sell a Copley painting, more money might roll in.
I don't know if I can get commitments from <insert name here> but im
moving towards it, it gives you a sense of what i want to do.. and
i'm really open and looking.

I’m into it.

And I want to show Bjarne Melgaard (ha, but seriously) and get money to bribe contemporary art daily and art.sy to be a "featured venue" (#willtakesometime). But maybe you can help? The can needs more radicality and press releases/lists of names. Hetero-fetuses are too comfortable in garbage…


I want to have a killer international group of artists.
Right from the start.

So let me know what you think.
I've kind of laid it all out.
Garbage, money, press releases, lists of names, careers, facebook, internet, etc.
I'm out of town tomorrow night, but then will be back in New York for just a day on the 23rd, then back again from the 27th – 1st...

Like I said, whatever you are into, I'm into.
Timeline is open.
I know I will do a show with Jay and Olivia in january. For February I am trying to assemble a group show or show Mathew Sova if he's ready.

I have a good feeling about this.

Thanks for considering it. You have my appreciation.

Best, and happy holidays!

Sam and Mathieu

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