Friday, March 8, 2013

eye on culture: top 10 for 2013 !!

Clint Eastwood redet mit einem Stuhl auf dem Nominierungsparteitag der US-Republikaner  (Foto: dpa)

1. Clint Eastwood and the chair

In Rove and Eastwood's performance, fantasy fused with facts, psychopathology and fiction, an explosion of LOLS


2. "The Dawn of Egyptian Art" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This show focussed on the pre-early Niltal dynasty era, when an understanding of early stone-age modernity attained a pretty outspoken clarity of form. It was fun 2 see while listening 2 Venus X, Lil Internet, and the new music genre "TRAP" in my headphones.. I thought to myself, wait a minute here how old am I these ppl are awesome and I @@#$%#$%#$% TWEEET


3. Klara Liden @ Reena Spaulings

The gallary was filled with found, dying christmas trees and a sofa on which to sit and relax, which nevers happens in other, more conservative galleries only interested in money. The work reminded me of Richard Serra in all its physicality--a powerful way to fill the room. I then made my way to 1:1 and it that's when I was like wait a minute here what the H**K that's like 10 years of blog posts and tweets..--a completely untapped conversation..

4. "Haitian Masters" @ Edward Thorp Gallery

For his exhibition with masterworks of Haitian painters inspired by the beauty and nightmarish qualities of colonialism all the same, the gallerist received a Mac Arthur fellowship!! Congratulations Edward Thorp Gallery!!

5. Marie Lorenz at Jack Hanley

This art pirate is known for videos of boats in the New York harbor that sail to mysterious islands and take the viewer on fascinating journeys. Great job BB!

6. "Joanna Malinowska: Fieldwork" @ Whitney Museum

During the Whitney Biennale, Malinowska channelyzed enormous power--she played the moonlight sonata on a toy piano and made a hundrad ppl SCREAM!

7. Bjarne Melgaard at Ramiken Crucible

Melgaard followed a triumphant group show from 2011 with a fantastic choice of outside and insider artists and tigers in cages. Awesome!! Enjoyed the BB's also.

8. Andra Ursuta at Ramiken Crucible

Simply a great show and cool political commentary.

9. Kerstin Brätsch @ Gavin Brown's Enterprise

For her first solo SHOw in New York, the artist showed shards of glass and steel in the gallery. The visitors experienced the full presence of a master of materials and of filling rooms!!

10. hot klops@ Real Fine Art Foundation

Auf meinem Galerierundgang ging ich den ganzen Tag immer wieder zurück zu dieser paarstündigen, nur einen Tag lang gezeigten Video-Hommage/AUSTELLUNG. Jedes Mal war ich aufs Neue überwältigt von der einfallsreichen Kraft und von dem authenticity. Arm, aber sexy.



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