Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall preview part 1

Fall is here.. (almost) and we're all getting excited about the openings, art fairs and new shows coming up. Magoo offers a survey of key shows for everyone's cultural calendar.
Systems provide structure and offer opportunities for comparison; no science can do without order, no society can dispense with organization. Art, on the other hand, undermines systems. Spontaneous, creative force and creative idiosyncrasy can run athwart established, everyday structures. This publication presents the works of this year’s prize winners: alternative models and artistic strategies that question what we supposedly know about the world. For this reason, we're particularly excited about the Michael Sailstorfer at Johann K├Ânig. 

In his projects, Michael Sailstorfer handles an enormous range of different materials and functional objects – from lamp posts to helicopters, bus stops and cars, caravans to the forest floor – with a kind of audacious architectural alchemy, transforming them into engrossingly dysfunctional sculptures, their previous utilitarianism transformed into follies of uselessness, charm and wit.For example, Sailstorfer’s sculpture Dean and Marylou (2003) comprises two four-metre long metal boxes articulated by a rubber bellows section in the middle. Just as Richard Serra titles his sculptures with names of famous people, or Stuart Cumberland his paintings after obituaries in the newspaper, Sailstorfer invests his work with the potential for alternative associations. Transfers of hearts and traces of graffiti retained from the original paint-work decorate otherwise blank panels like the cover of a teenager’s schoolbook. Still clearly identifiable as the form of a bendy-bus, the sculpture’s surface is like a skin that carries the memory of a love story.

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Stay tuned for many more fall previews, and have a good week..

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