Wednesday, June 13, 2012

you are guilty

Fat mouths that masticate press releases, fat mouths chewing on words. Talk, talk, did you read this? explain it to me1010111000101101001001010010100101001001010101010010011100101010100

for the word "information", a dollar.

"information [...] information"... smart, I give you another dollar.


I had a dream two nights ago, I don't remember very well..

we were friends. I remember thinking "finally" and feeling deeply happy.

I remember I remember thinking "what's next?"

what could possibly go wrong... not having to hate you anymore didn't seem self-evident: what would I think about all day now that I didn't have my hate for U

instants after waking up, I felt as if my dream had been a vision. I should talk to you, we should be friends, not fight

and then, you had to do what you did..


I would have let U have all the money, but you had to ruin it! hahaha, you lose


but I learned my lesson, hehe.. I won't be fooled again..



I should have known, now I C it clearly.. you are so WEAK

you left me for dead, now it's time to PAY

die, U #BITCH!!

you're gonna #PAY.

I've learned to love the taste of blood by licking my wounds..

you know who U R..

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