Friday, June 22, 2012


Magoo has a new favorite band. Pitchfork calls them SUGAR SHOUT and we couldn't agree more.

which, in our opinion here at JERRY MAGOO, is completely appropriate. High-energy, uplifting, the indie power-pop duo has long been on our ipods, iphones and other devices here at JERRY MAGOO... how is it even possible that this is our first post about MAT AND KIM here at JERRY MAGOO?

"we met through the Stefanie Diamond mailing list" says KIM of MATT AND KIM. "I was looking for a sublet and MATT was looking for a subletter with a positive attitude who was rad and we hit it off instantly. Weeks later, we had jammed several times and our highly acclaimed debut album MATT & KIM was born."

"Haters like to hate but we just try to focus on making fun, positive, high energy music that combines our interests in punk and hardcore and just being positive and pro-active. We are very inspired by Williamsburg/Bushwick, where we practice since moving to NYC in 2005, and the mexican food there and the overall community vibes. We live in a great building with inspiring creative people.

"As a newly formed band who just  moved from Portland to Williamsburg finding a studio was a challenge.  Thanks to the Stephanie Diamond mailing list, I found what is the perfect, private, quiet space I needed. I am thrilled and excited to have the first out of house
studio in my life. Here's to new beginnings!"

In the punk/indie scenes, people seem to like depressed/detached vibes and there is a lot of hate for our attitude, which simply consists in having fun without drugs or alcohol, working hard, and making fun music that isn't pretentious. Haters can hate but we just try to focus on what's important to us: the music and being creative, and working hard at that. 

We are not black nor do we have any black friends but we sometimes say things like "I'm down with that" or "dayyyuuumm". We also love hip hop music styles and for us it's great to live/play music in a community that has such a long history tied to the genres. I personally don't use the word "bitch" or "nigga" but that's my personal decision and those words mean different things to different people: I respect that too. On our myspace page, it says we are from Brooklyn ZOO. Sometimes I even wish I was black so I could use those words in our music, but of course, I respect and understand that I am just white. The other day I walked past a huge graffiti of ODB and it looked so sick. It kind of inspired our song "yeah yeah" from the 2006 debut album MATT AND KIM, which we released independently with IHEARTCOMIX records.

For our 2009 song "lessons learned" (featured on our album called GRAND), we did the most unconventional thing we could possibly think of: we went to Times Square in the middle of winter and took our clothes off! People were mad and jelly that we were in a band and having so much fun while they were just going about their daily lives. Some of them were probably thinking "get a job, punk!" but we just smiled and did it anyways. In the vid, we masked genitalia to make sure no one would JO to it. It was fun to show our peen and nipples to ppl in a public space but when somebody can JO to it, it's something else and it's not necessarily cool.

Matt and Kim have a new album called "LET'S GO". Check it out! it's available now and packed with ridiculously fun sugarshout power indie pop. Let's bet their mix of infectious beats and cool synths will help you stay cool during those hot NYC/Brooklyn (or anywhere else) summer days...