Monday, January 2, 2012

is this shit?

is this shit?

This year the best and most underrated exhibition in the world this year was The Confidence Man, curated by Gianni Jetzer at Tany Leighton. Gianni Jetzer is the best curator in this bracket of the market because he applies the principles of raw veganism (with improvements) to the digestive tract of both the gallery and the internet. There is no difference between contemporary art daily and The Confidence Man, and in this union we can also celebrate a truly post-gender moment where identitarian conscription to the far-gay (CAD) and the ultra-hetero (Gianni) and everything vagary in between is one and the same vector of sanitation best viewed on an iPad, drunk or on xanax at some schleimy afternoon tea opening or next year, on An endless group show double-penetrating collaborationist screens and galleries on a daily basis.

"The Confidence Man portrays a group of zany abstract artworks whose interlocking stories are told as they travel down the slump of an endless recession"

life, like networking, is a group show. how would these works network if they could talk? In the financialized space of the postgender, group shows offer the surrogate pleasures of the orgy experience in its most socially acceptable form: art as the residue of networked experience. Or art as a performative chessboard optimized to facilitate social relations. Lubricated by feedback, jpgs arouse an absolute master that returns the favor by misrecognition alone.


Giani Jetzer/Forrest Nash is the most significant and best artist/curator/human being/machine this year.



The most significant and memorable exhibition is The Confidence Man and/or Contemporary Art Daily. A fine balance between the optical effect of shit smears and a clean fresh-bleached anus.

The best exhibition in New York by far was Peter Nadin at Gavin Brown’s.

This civilization is in steep decline and you are a mourning slave. Your are white. Peter Nadin is giving you the life of your ancestors as art one last time. You cannot afford the life of your ancestors. Better than rectangular frame-obsessed CAD, he is back from the mountain to announce the vegetable-drive of the West to the art world with resounding glory and genius. The presence of humans is important to support the technical project of eco austerity. Pigs. The new Houellebecq ends when “vegetation had triumphed completely.”

Great exhibition. cad, you missed out.

work speaks for itself

work is concrete like your sub-human mass of networked flesh

work has personality and is tactile like an iphone skin

work make$ free, doily

work is textures and abstract pttrns your blog/italian dealer can digg

work is a language of its own

in the united states, there is a debate in academia about work

Jerry Magoo's top 10 for 2011:

1-Gianni Jetzer

2-Peter Nadin

3-Gianni Jetzer

4-Gianni Jetzer

5-Gianni Jetzer

6-Gianni Jetzer

7-Gianni Jetzer

8-Gianni Jetzer

9-Gianni Jetzer

10-jerry magoo

How do you feel abt this list?

Who got 'shafted'?

Are you sad there were no 10.0's in 2k11?

Who got 'overhated'?

Is it a 'joke'?

Do you think poor people have less networking opportunities?

Do you think CAD is changing that by allowing them to see good art everyday from the comfort of their poverty?

Are indie art markets changing via the leaking of all available Heimo Zobernig jpgs on the internet?

Would you buy 'more critical/smart “art” if you had $$$?

Are you white and str8?

Is jerry magoo officially 'over'?

Is David Lieske cracking open a bottle of champagne?

Have you heard of “”?

Have you heard of “May”?

Is there a difference?

Are there 2 many artists/exhibitions?

Is this 'shocking'?

Are blogs 'dying'?

has 'hackwork' putrefied on a grand scale?

If you listen to a press release on textedit [via speech function and 'Contemporary Art Daily'], is it really an authentic experience?

Is CAD the “Pitchfork media” of young/decadent/uneducated dumb white people art {via Chicago, the School of Chicago, isolation, wanting to be socially successful}?

How do you feel now that the internet is our church?

Should we all just 'quit' art / networking?

How can you make critical art that “looks cute/sexy on CAD”?

{tobias k pic}


CANVAS=Jerry Magoo=a $75.000 Michael Krebber painting=Contemporary Art Daily=Gianni Jetzer

CANVAS=Gianni Jetzer

we all work together

Academia offering its custodial services to contemporary art in exchange for a little bit of money—press releases, articles, dinner attendence, protesting, painting/discreet public nudity. As scenic features of a massive biopolitical strata, they achieve where others fail in their laboratories of joyous Bloom. Their recombinant motility is only special when it feeds back—a return that resonates like a whip cracking. In the larval reproductions of their intellectual labor, Creation never felt so forbidding when faced with work that eats up itself, accomplishes its own end, self-nourishes, leaves no seed, is perfect in itself. sounding from their disciplined innards is the plea to leave poverty to the poor.

Do u vibe 2 abstraction?

What is your favorite kind of abstraction?

Would you say you are one {via Cheney and Hates and Labors and working on interesting projects}?

Speculative realism: cool meme.

the tek-tonic constitution of the operable world about the abyssal defiles of posthistorical conquest is too smooth to rupture hermes' sac.

The dredges of fukushima reek of locavore dining.

A hard-scrabble dog surfing the tsunami on a board of wreckage.

Do u ever wish u could 'meet for coffee' with someone who goes to the Staedelschule?

Do you feel this post is trying to be 2 cool for school or do you think criticality/haters is a vital leak in today's culture {via DIS MAGAZINE}?

Does Sigmar Polke make u feel like ur cuddling with someone because it makes ur insides warm and fuzzy?

Are you revisiting the Capitalist Realist-style?

Do you think the following abstraction does?

One, and perhaps more, have taken commissioned assignments from art journals to polemically indict the political agency of painting in the wake of activism’s resurrection as a daily routine of metropolitan life. sure, paintings deserve confrontation, a stone bundled in agit-prop invective hurled at their individuated surfaces. Words and paintings, both seek homes like artists find turgid collections and conniving public programs. praise be—the biopolitical noise of an art work in the enforced age of the network is grounds for critique. Hide in your bunker hoping the civil war doesn’t drive you to suicide thanks to your wi-fi connection?

magoo had quite a fall. several of my online tantrums found themselves as hand-crafted lines of paint elegantly dashed across the surfaced of belgian linen. now fugitive from the virtual, special attention was paid to the legibility of my words’ passage onto a primed surface. nature knows that it had to be someone else to press the print button. the aggregator is an elder no less. my mojo is subject to the youth from which it emanates. Elsewhere compared to Saturn eating his own helpless children, it may be more interesting to compare these work’s recycling of negative socio-pedagogical feedback to Oedipus’ exile from Thebes, when as a blind old fallen king, he wandered along country roads led by his daughter Antigone in search of the site promised to him by Appollo—a dignified place to die and be buried. World without end. Critique without friends.

a gaunt gentlemen from overseas draped a towel in the bathroom of a corporately sponsored exhibition venue in the east village. it came with a text that lucidly details the exploitative labor practices maintained by the venue sponsor BMW and conclusively implores “Now wash your hands.” the clever implication that this venue, and the culture that it contains, is a technique to produce a public conducive to the belligerent corporate imperatives of its sponsor is hard to miss and not worthy of critique. Nailed to gold, let us offer a wow to the reversal of command so that it issues from the artistic subject itself. and another to the clean emergence of a critical exercise from this toilet bowl of an exhibition. all thanks to an interpellative reminder to mind one's hygiene. With Nowadays sovereignty impeached by critical sanitation, we may now kiss a nobler ring—

elsewhere a critic reviewed the occupy movement. the opening of space was a touchstone of 2011. moma was grandly opened this summer for what one critic drunkenly extolled their performative practice as a “latently perverse circulation of human capital.” the increasingly famous georgia sagri performed, moved people about a skype session with her older brother. later in the fall she loudly interrupted a dormant 5$ suggested donation lecture on situationist politics to commence an occupation. chris d’arcangelo had just closed. opening space with the reek of a corpse, its closure with the hint of B.O.

grand openings & the artists space occupation, as if they were related? the projects this year that really "opened up space", for whatever..? i guess the greenspon d'arcangelo show sort of did that too

only if it leads to how opening space is another means of transparence and that it’s fast turning to a form of pr kitsch that’s not emancipated from self-promotion and social networking. but I don’t like the whole “what was hot in 2011 rethoric for this because it MAKES SENSE. like, it’s reasonable enough to be in AF. ok. cinemarx, blogcupation, whatever, dumb ass graffiti godard’s wife makes in sympathy for the devil..


no it has to be a pun. like “cinemarx” is “cinema” and “marx”.

je suis la 'chez

deep fried flowers. donuts foie gras. the futurist cookbook retooled as a tactic to navigate the frontlines of gentrification, sliding through its profitable gaps like a prisoner ducking past a crushing wall. diabolical roses indeed. of course, the supplementary noise of publicity materials register sympathetically to this text, ‘diet human beings’ and what not. the ouroboric tail to nadin’s head. today faces an art that revels in the hermeneutics of the palliative shit shoveled down the serfs’ throats. bodies soaked in oil, crossing connections, splitting hairs over the phantasy of consciousness.

Ghirardelli Specialty Store...

Do u want a peppermint latte instead?

Maybe some sort of frappychinos

I want 2 drink cocoa with u...

Maybe we can just go to AZ/butterfield/the Met

and buy some Hot drawings

I promise 2 buy

Whatever % you prefer

So we don't have to be like 'poor ppl'

who have to make hot galleries with no $

Maybe we should get some hot choc 'in the bulk'

if this is going to become a 'regular meme'...

I noticed that you like georg herold, or lilly van der stokker


I will get a big bag of mallows

I'm more into whip cream [via can]

: - )

Not the Cool Whip vibes

I want to drink hot chocolate with u...

In our waspy {via the old testament} christmas interior

Do u think drawings are a good idea for the holidays because they are cheaper and “giftable”?

Is Kerstin Braetsch still “relevant to hate”?

Who is?

Is "hating" not also just "caring"?

Do you "DGAF" about haters because they are just making you famous?


free will

free william wheaton