Monday, December 19, 2011

Pig (The Final Testament of Rozz Williams)

This film is something else, a true cinematic oddity. Rozz Williams, the leader of the early goth band Christian Death committed suicide in 1998. The last project he completed before hanging himself was a film short he made as a collaboration with a filmmaker named Nico B. (no relation to Nico of the Velvet Underground). Rozz Williams wrote the film, acted in it, and of course created the soundtrack It features Williams as a serial killer in the desert. It makes references to the Manson killings (the serial killer Williams plays cuts the word 'pig' in his the stomach of his victims, as Manson's followers did) and involves a lot of homosexual bondage. The film could in part be dismissed as sadistic fantasy, a sort of "torture porn" but he film is cryptic to say the least.. It's curious,in the film Rozz plays a murderer, but it was suicide, not homicide, that he committed-so far as we know, at least. There are of course heavy religious allusions throughout. That was always the pattern with Christian Death lyrics. Rozz was raised in the Southern Baptist tradition, the strong influence of which appears to have followed Rozz to the very end. There is something remotely resembling pattern to this film. You can't be too optimistic though. This is Rozz Williams at the end of his rope here, soon to be literally at the end of his rope. You could pull out the film theory or some psycho-analysis to play armchair psychiatrist, but Rozz was likely beyond the point of no return when he made this film. It's deranged. He wasn't faking it either. I highly recommend this film for first dates, family holiday gatherings, and of course, company picnics.

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