Wednesday, October 26, 2011

weltschmertz demo

socially networked grimness. recorded between tape and a blackberry (maybe for an art show in malmo? i forget) this one-man bedroom bm lives up to all the cliches of that tag, perhaps one day aquarius records will praise its burzumic buzz? yet despite its sub-Aske fidelity, the riffs and synth atmosphere suggest deep beherit worship, especially if the band had recorded electric doom synthesis shrouded in the infernal tape hiss of their demo era. actually that might not be all the way true, this record has all the BM essentials covered, the norse kampf of track 2, the bestial throb of track 3, martial triumph of track 4, an approximation of abruptum on track 5 that fugues into what sounds like a mournful early sarcofago—bookended by fat synth'd intros and outros. what else would you expect from an act whose name implies the sorrow that results from knowledge's irreconcilability with the world?

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