Friday, October 28, 2011

arboga teenage riot

going thru some cd-r's the other day and came across this gem from '04. Music made by people i don't know but it might as well have been made by friends—like this one. 10 untitled tracks of electronic disgust—skip track 5 & 10, novelty throwaways. Surprised that someone else uploaded this to mediafire, but then again it made the vaunted aquarius list——in fact the cd-r is still available online from the store if that offers any indication of its listenability. i believe from sweden, the name is a touch misleading in terms of sound. more on point are chicks on speed unraveled by amateur gabber and poser black metal vocals, so basically riot grrl techno stripped of fun.

wild that between the recent ying of suburban bands like blood on the dance floor and brokencyde and the metropolitan yang of ghe2o gothik, euro dreck like this still musters some relevance, if only for its bathetic refusal of electronically mediated joy and the marketable memory of its recent histories. Perhaps a good soundtrack to the recent occupy artist space initiative? In fact that questionable honor would better rest with the young, recently disbanded, realicide. in their squatter-y hands electronic music becomes a means to traverse the discomforting netherregions of lumpen hipster consciousness and anarchopunk agency, a movement accomplished wholly through a spine-tinglingly complete disavowal of good taste; a foreclosure of a memorialized past for the naive intensities of the immediate present. see also this for maximum relevance.



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