Monday, September 5, 2011

is 47 orchard like 47 essex?

Sarah Greenberger-Rafferty is preparing a new show at Rachel Uffner gallery, where as our readers know cooperatively organized exhibition and event space in New York's Lower East Side Orchard 47 used to be. Greenberger-Rafferty's exhibition will feature her "waterlogging" technique with which she works liquid into inket just printed extant images, then rephotographs and digitally manipulates the mottled, apparently damaged results.

How will it go down? One can only speculate..

but in a recent interview with the Observer
Maxwell G Graham says:
"It (the new gallery he is starting) relates to Orchard, which was at 47 Orchard Street,” he said, referring to the Orchard gallery, which was run from 2005 to 2008 by 12 backers, including artists Moyra Davey, Andrea Fraser and R.H. Quaytman."

Ha. But is that really true? It has been reported that he commented "Idontknow" under the article posted on his facebook feed. Can this new 47 Essex gallery, a commercial gallery subject to the neo-liberal demands of the market (that very medium of contingency) really relate to a limited-profit space associated variously with New York experimental film and video scenes, institutional critique, 90s non-yBa practices in Britain, and political conceptualist traditions in North and South America?

one can only speculate...



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