Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Boys from Brazil: The Neo-Nazi Black Metal Sounds of Goatpenis

(Review by William Wheaton)

I’ve been asked to give my opinion of Goatpenis. Well, I will give my opinion of Goatpenis right here and now so that you will be able to answer the question “do I need a little Goatpenis in my life?”
Apparently, all the Nazis in Brazil haven’t died of old age yet, because the band Goatpenis from Brazil are signed to a label appropriately enough named Satanic Skinhead Propaganda and have a song entitled “Zyklon-B.” You know how the whole black metal thing overlaps in places with the whole Nazi Skinhead thing? That’s pretty much what Goatpenis is. It’s a bunch of white Brazilian Nazi Skinhead types playing black metal. The original suggestion was that I should review their new album Depleted Ammunition but this band has existed for over twenty years. There was no reason for Goatpenis to go on that long. Their work is extremely repetitive. They have a best of compilation (Trotz Verbot, Nich Tot) that’s what I’m going to base my judgment on. After all, one really should only be concerned with the very best in Goatpenis. Boy those guys have been doing Goatpenis for over twenty years. I guess they just can’t get enough.
Well, Goatpenis are a very rough, raw sounding black metal and death metal band. Like many black metal bands they used the worst possible sound quality they could achieve. A lot of the Goatpenis tracks are so much so that way that they could almost be mistaken for radio static. The track “Blessed by War” by them is like that. Actually a lot of their music is that way. Many Goatpenis tracks are likely to make you think your speakers are damaged.
There’s a lot pictures of them standing around with guns on-line and they are on a record label that very clearly makes no qualms about being a neo-Nazi label, plus, and there’s the whole thing with their name. I think if you heard their actual music, without knowing anything about them what would come across more so is this unreal impulse that they have towards creating an absolute sludge of lo-fi sound.
You know what it would be great for? It would be a great for a first date. You want get romantic on that first date, slip in a little Goatpenis.

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