Friday, June 10, 2011

Voices are Real

The Lost Musical Genius of Phillip Garrido:

By William Wheaton

It came to be a week ago at time of writing that Phillip Garrido was sentenced to 431 years in prison in connection to his 18 year kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard from 1991-2009. What few release about the case is that Phillip Garrido was not just a child rapist and kidnapper, but also a musician. There is, perhaps an alternate reality somewhere where it is Phillip Garrido in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame instead of Lou Reed or Neil Young. He performed starting in California in the 70’s, but was given to trouble with drugs (he is said to have taken LSD everyday for four years) and was arrested for raping a woman for hours upon hours, the beginning of a sad tale that ends now within the rest of his life behind bars for committing the unspeakable act of holding a girl captive, raping her constantly, fathering two children by her. This underscores another tragedy, the loss of what could be one of rock’s great, lost geniuses. Based on the one demo of his music that made it on-line, Voices are Real, I would say that is the case. Apparently, there are recordings of the young Phillip Garrido from the 70’s that exist, whether or not we will ever hear them or not is unclear. I would like to lead the call for them to be released.
I’m a very tough crowd for rock and roll. That I have been losing interest over the years would be a substantial understatement. I’m much more excited by conversations about firearms, at this point. I was not homesick for Williamsburg and East Village hipster culture while I lived in Las Vegas. Joy Division is a good enough band, my favorite for years and years. Thirty years after Joy Division, forty after the Velvet Underground, Williamsburg is still full of people wearing Velvet Underground and Joy Division t-shirts, which is very ironic because Ian Curtis of Joy Division was not a liberal but rather a member of the British Conservative Party, unlike the hipsters with the Unknown Pleasure t-shirts, and not too long ago Mo Tucker of the Velvet Underground was identified correctly in footage of a Tea Party rally to the surprise of many. Scandinavian black metal stands up well. Somewhat a black metal band but from Switzerland rather then Scandinavia, Celtic Frost is an excellent band, I recently gave them a good review. The band I really like a lot though right now is Goblin. The thing with Goblin is they may have shoot right up to being my favorite band right now, as there is a lot of Goblin I haven’t heard yet. Goblin for those who might not know is the progressive rock band that was hired out to do soundtrack work for the films of Italian horror director Dario Argento. Goblin’s work stands on its own too, I feel. But Garrido, there was a real genius of rock and roll.
The music on Voices are Real is somewhat like progressive rock, like Rush, Yes, or King Crimson, except that progressive rock is generally associated with very long songs and Garrido’s songs lasted only for a short time and stopped in the middle of things without warning. He liked synth a lot, especially very cheesy synth. He also recorded on 4- tracks, so the sound quality is extremely low-fi. His voice is spot and his guitar playing is also right on spot. Oh the lyrics? They’re all about little girls, very pedophilic. When he sang about his baby girl, he really meant it.

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