Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Human Centipede 2 BANNED IN THE UK!


William Wheaton


Here is it is kids, you may never see this again in your life. A fictional narrative film banned in a Western country.
The film Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence has now been rejected by the British Board of Film Classification. It is effectively banned in the United Kingdom. Wow, that really is going some. For a fictional film to be banned in a western country at this point is really saying something. Apparently, the main character of the film becomes aroused at watching a DVD of the first Human Centipede movie. He attaches twelve people together. There’s a whole lot of sexual violence in the second film, rape for example, which there wasn’t really in the first film. The new film is apparently much closer to being torture pornography. The first film it wasn’t even completely clear how much of a sexual thing it was for the mad scientist to sow the three people together anus-to-mouth or why he did it exactly. The new one it is clearly the main character’s jerk-off fantasy. He had somewhat hit a nerve with the first film, but with the second one the issue of sexual arousal becomes more central, and apparently the victims are shown naked in the second film, the first film they had those weird diapers and bandages on. The BBFC also said the film could not be cut in such a way as to be anything less then totally rejected. Meaning, the film is more or less merely a sexual fantasy of unimaginable torture from front to end.
You may except that I, a good gun-loving American libertarian, will go on a political rant about the violation of free speech that has taken place here. I would but I sort of feel that this is the best thing that could have ever have happened to the film. I have a feeling that if the film does not get an official release bootlegs will turn up eventually. This incredible free and sensational publicity to a lower budget horror sequel that might have ended up otherwise in obscurity, as horror sequels often do. That’s a real historical event right there. The right wing radio host Michael Savage is banned from entering the U.K for reasons I don’t quite follow or accept which is very impressive considering he has never used foul language on air. Here in the United States occasionally a pornographer like Max Hardcore does a little prison time if they get into material that is a little bit left of legal. If the Human Centipede 2:Full Sequence gets banned, if a horror film is taken that seriously in this day and age, that’s got to be one horrific little horror film. The little BBFC release suggests that the film might even be potentially illegal under British obscenity laws, so Dutch director Tom Six could potentially face legal trouble on this whole deal. That I would say is fairly historic.
People talk about this graffiti artist guy Banksy as if he is a historic controversy. Relatively speaking, he is not. Probably a lot of the art world, people like Joao Ribas, are likely to end up footnotes to Banksy. Banksy has succeeded in making a lot of money. He’s not especially shocking or controversial. Let’s examine the evidence. Between 1992 and 1994, 50 churches were burned in Norway in connection to the black metal movement, Michael Savage was banned from entering the United Kingdom despite never having used a swear word on the radio, and now Human Centipede 2 is banned from ever being shown in the United Kingdom. Art critics should consider these things when they describe something as “transgression”.
Well, you know it means that Tom Six has really hit on some very delicate nerves. Acts of rape and sexual torture fill the pages of the local news sections of local papers. There appears to be a serial killer currently loose on Long Island. In attempting to run and orderly and safe society we don’t like that much that people take sexual pleasure in torturous acts against others, unfortunately it is a fairly standard pathology that comes up every once and again. If people are forced to eat feces, the main character has an erection, then that is going to bother people. If he wraps some barbed wire around his penis and rapes the woman at the end of the human centipede, (apparently what happens in the film) then that is really not going to go over well in mixed company.

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