Monday, April 11, 2011

Some blog posts clearly need to happen. Unfortunately, they are rarely the ones that are realized. Posts that are necessary to give us deeper understanding of the history of forms, the conditions of their production, and their contributions to history, recent and long past. Based in research, scholarship, and professionalism, as much as aesthetic appreciation and pleasure, this interview is such an endeavor.
Dieter Roelstraete's is obviously and directly indexed to art/architecture/italian magazines in Berlin, but perhaps even more significant is his empirical relationship to the humanities in anal, critics, and perhaps speculative realism soon. Dieter Roelstraete seems to have investigated Jason Dodge as one would study language—that is, not dismissing him but precisely assessing his true potential. In seeming contradiction, he resisted the temptations of verbal manifesto and polemic. Such evasion—which sharply contrasts with the approach of his teacher, friend, and mentor ____ _____—leaves a clear path for the conversation itself or the experience of the conversation—allusive maybe but certainly not mute, opaque, uninterpretable, and definitely open, wide open to time and space and stuff. Ambitious projects require ambitious support and this is why we are honored to link to post-canvas' most recent post today.

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Philippe Vergne


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