Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maybe not the Woerst of 2010, entry #1: Brätsch/DAS INSTITUT

While no official show of this sleaze committee transpired this past year, it was very much in the air to feed the discourse of collaboration and “shared” authorship into the fluorescent euro-trash blender of post-recession amnesia.

How could it even be possible for artistic subjects to produce the absurdly normative stakes of corporate culture in a more exhausted fashion? Screen-saver doodles in favor of culture’s institutionalized ineffectualities? An ESL cathexis with the euro’s fiscal supremacy over the American dollar? If the life of the flaneur once lead to crime, then the life of the poseur now leads to the cubicle. What goes into the making of a Brätschwörst? One thing is for sure: nothing that shouldn't have been left in nature.

Only time—funkyzeit—will tell what exotic corners of the connexionist city this plaidoyer for across-the-board bullshit will manage to squat before it is rejected like the first dip into an expired half-eaten qvark. In the meanwhile, we impatiently wait for “Institutional Cupcake”, the Gavin Brown debut imminently scheduled for later this year.

score: a full cornucopia of BrätschWörst! :)

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