Sunday, February 13, 2011

guest post by Dee R. Schwigger: why Berlin now

Having emerged from the boom years as a $oulle$$, balkanized and ambiguously urban aggregate where serious serious contemporary art transactions are being conducted within a growing patchwork/network of commercial contemporary galleries and artists which now seems—if not appealing or wholesome in any way—at least stable, Berlin is in fact under siege. Threatening the creative communities that found a welcoming terre d'adoption-cum-cheap rent and established the metropolis' reputation as an international center for art and culture, the deterritorializing workings of capitalism are slowly but surely poisoning the unique essence of this bustling post-Weimar bohemia. In these times when the market value of the cherished and "mandatory" (source: Artforum 4 years ago) 1-year German sojourn for predominantly white north-american artists is under attack, AO salutes creatives who resist heteronormative models of neo-liberal art capital with more décomplexé, utterly br00tal post-electroclash etsy neo-liberalism.

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