Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maybe not the Woerst of 2010, part whatever: Gedi Sibony @ Greene Naftali

When garbage activates the rest of the showroom, does that include its temporary visitors? What if Sibony's yoga-and-weed-fueled weltanschauung activated nothing but our bodies’ osmosic becoming-garbage under the orgon-ic assault of these meticulous bouquets of new-age detritus?

In what felt like a harsh swig of bongwater, Sibony revealed the earth-toned vacuousness that constitutes his sculptural practice. A levitating couch couldn’t even save this stinker from its Anthropologie display window patina. With Granola-friendly patterns, zoomorphic abstractions and fussy formal interventions, Sibony managed to further embarrass Brooklynites with the stereotypes that this increasingly petit-bourgeois suburb has assumed. Ideas swindled from the early works of Michael Asher and Lawrence Weiner are immersed into the total-work of the locavore, that entrepreneurial solve et coagula whose subjective mastering whips the dregs of metropolitan impoverishment into a gourmet cultural experience. Sibony plants our impoverished presence in the very soil where the "organic" Wirtschaftwunder of his gentrifying gestures takes flourishing root.

score: one Trader Joe’s bought dried-out BrätschWörst with a dab of dried ketchup