Saturday, February 5, 2011

despite the "apparent" lack of activity, Magoo has a lot in store... Expect 2010 holiday greetings, a top-notch selection of the best of the worst of last year and an exhaustive roundup of local and international contemporary art exhibitions and events served with an always generous scoopfull of the in-depth commentary that has made AO your destination of choice for one-stop up-to-date cultural commentary.

before the hot dog basket de résistance can be laid on the table, ao proposes this fine entrée of norwegian press release confit...

Ida Ekblad: Poem Percussion

"Ekblad’s art has never been about cool, strategic, calculated appropriation – it is more a quite personal reworking of her own immediate reality."

"That Ida Ekblad’s exhibition in Bergen Kunsthall opens 45 years to the day after the Danish Cobra painter Asger Jorn filled the same exhibition premises (Bergens Kunst¬forening, 1965) is probably just a curious coincidence, but nevertheless..."

"“I believe in painting in the same way as I believe in music,” she has said in an interview..."

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