Friday, December 3, 2010

magoo venues: apotheke

wasn't there a certain brand of parsons-bred installation art use to look like this before being a crypto national-socialist was acceptable?
a warm feeling of nostalgia in time for the holidays!

where are you and who are these people? it is nice to not "get" the product you are consuming. is it magic?

dressed in silkscreened polyester guido shirts mocking the aryan beliefs via skulls and eagles they had originally integrated to their personal fashion style non-ironically, they made apotheke this groovy place to sip chartreuse and eat marinated pork tongues to the sound of relentless gabba.

many reasons to be excited by this bar—how many Chinese gangsters have shed their blood on the wooden surface your artiste biedemeyer cocktail rests on? the throbbing techno makes it impossible to have this conversation inside the bar, but it creates a binding atmosphere where all are forced to retreat into getting trashed on sophisticated cocktails as their skulls are raped by audio.

an provence launch? a multiplayer level for COD Black Ops? everything seems possible.

this place is a thrill...
2 get trashed
at apotheke
tonite, is cool

; -)

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