Monday, April 26, 2010

“I’m glad that the recession is over”

Sometimes the stars align and a collaboration happens that is then covered by scene and herd and written about in a way that way transcends gonzo. In this regard, yesterday's fucked-up post about GAGAKOH! is all the more humbling for us at AOWJM. I read it twice, couldn't concentrate either time! Lady Gaga plays a show, Koh raps, there's MAC cosmetics employees in the room, picture of one-legged fan, CG is in town shooting a video, gets the email, shows up w/ cool cane...

ps: full vids on the author's sva blog

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  1. haven't read the tzk review from start to bottom, but the writer's impression of guyton\prina intimating gay partnership (a la crimp) becomes quite funny in the context of gagakoh. when it comes to communicating alternatives to heteronormative coupling, which collaboration comes across more effectively? their post-gonzalez-torres queering of late modernist forms into a sort of non-descript "straight drag" may lose out to gagakoh's "too young for limelight but old enuff for hot topic" approach.