Monday, April 26, 2010


While I am breaking the oath I swore to myself not to sully AOWJM's wicked musk with IMHOs en faveur de Deitch but after downing a few artisanal pints with a former colleague this past weekend, I saw the light, er... well, at least the invisible "everything must go" sign glowing grail-like through the Avalonian mists slowly enshrouding Soho's king of kings and his palace of wonders. 50-75% discounts? More? Is it possible to acquire a Borofsky and a Paperrad installation at the same value as a Lauren for Ralph Lauren 2-piece? Will I be able to "dumpster dive" on June 1st and find not only VG/VG++ Jim Isermann wall fixtures but also Mariko Mori's monumental "lady essence stick"? Is it too late to exchange Barry McGee "paintings" for Tauba Auerbach "paintings"? What was the Meth Lab's carbon footprint? Oh, what about the Josh Smith LIC show collecting dust and silverfish? Oh, that's free.

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