Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PS1 Greater NY

—And out of the kennel, onto the track. Or, hmmm... it was the best of times, it was the worst of times? Expect commentary some day.

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Monday, April 26, 2010


While I am breaking the oath I swore to myself not to sully AOWJM's wicked musk with IMHOs en faveur de Deitch but after downing a few artisanal pints with a former colleague this past weekend, I saw the light, er... well, at least the invisible "everything must go" sign glowing grail-like through the Avalonian mists slowly enshrouding Soho's king of kings and his palace of wonders. 50-75% discounts? More? Is it possible to acquire a Borofsky and a Paperrad installation at the same value as a Lauren for Ralph Lauren 2-piece? Will I be able to "dumpster dive" on June 1st and find not only VG/VG++ Jim Isermann wall fixtures but also Mariko Mori's monumental "lady essence stick"? Is it too late to exchange Barry McGee "paintings" for Tauba Auerbach "paintings"? What was the Meth Lab's carbon footprint? Oh, what about the Josh Smith LIC show collecting dust and silverfish? Oh, that's free.

“I’m glad that the recession is over”

Sometimes the stars align and a collaboration happens that is then covered by scene and herd and written about in a way that way transcends gonzo. In this regard, yesterday's fucked-up post about GAGAKOH! is all the more humbling for us at AOWJM. I read it twice, couldn't concentrate either time! Lady Gaga plays a show, Koh raps, there's MAC cosmetics employees in the room, picture of one-legged fan, CG is in town shooting a video, gets the email, shows up w/ cool cane...

ps: full vids on the author's sva blog

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bruno Brunnet of BB Fine Arts and CFA Berlin fame is opening a French/Deitch-themed new space in time for gallery weekend. Deeper in Charlottenburg FTW! Will it be more "fun" than CFA? Is a casual, wood-frame-not-necessary policy to be enforced? Will there be a couch, a pinball machine? What will the security guards wear? How much cheaper for the cab ride to Paris Bar?

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The Berlin gallery weekend is soon!

While I am really sincerely excited about 3 days of partying kicked off by May Day riots that will hopefully be less faggy than last year's, it really seems that the only exciting thing on the menu (is Schleim out of touch?) is what sounds like a big-ass Andreas Gursky exhibition at Sprueth Magers.

"while flying one night from Dubai to Melbourne as I stared for some time at the flight monitor: the Horn of Africa to the far left, a tip of Australia to the far right – and there in between the blue void. Then all of a sudden I saw the graphic representation on the monitor as a picture. "

"Gursky used high-definition satellite photographs which he augmented from various picture sources on the Internet."

The GWB, however, could really use a brand identity/graphic design overhaul. If Boros' img-less, Bahaus-2004 no-fun work for the flyer aims at creating a neutral umbrella background allowing for the different galeries involved to shine on their own, it omits the crucial fact that GWB is all about p.tay, mayne!

Daniel broing down with FDP voter Ulf Poschardt
afterparty jungle-cat JK broing down with non-bro
off air!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010