Thursday, February 4, 2010


Why no

Just like global capitalism, there is no regulating HUO: he is always pushing the limits of his deregulation. When you think you figured him out, he’s long gone, and like bacteria in certain cheese, he his best when at full gear. English art publication ArtReview magazine sure thinks so too, and with the humbling exhaustivity and desperation for relevance (via funky graphic design) of their Power 100 issue, in which HUO is crowned most powerful person of the year 2009, it’s difficult not too think of Bret Butler juggling on the cover of Time magazine, juggling with baseballs…

After scoring some diversity points by going Koh in 2008, hitting an emerging-markets grand slam in Asia through 2009(marathon in China, biennale in Japan, something about Indian artists…), HUO seems to be coming back for some alt-cred to kick the year off by erring on the side of edgy/kvlt—contributing a piece to a catalog by Bjaarne Melgaard that might suggest somebody has a microsoft office template for catalogue contributions…

"Certainly, Bjarne Melgaard’s work, as we noted at the time, moves in and out of contexts and geographies in a restless ‘flux of energy’, ‘mixing … media’ and moving from ‘paintings to drawings, to installations and sculptures and to movies’ As he recently revealed to me."

The economics of being there are well at play in this fragment, and —it seems— a sympathetic nod to christian middle class values of effort, work and self-sacrifice.

It would seem that the the best HUO-bashing is the one Isabelle Graw’s german-language blog., in which she reviews an interview with Max Dax for the German monthly Spex. Extensive name-dropping (I had David Hockney over, Matthew Barney said…), mystico-neo-liberal Deleuzian rhizome ecstasy (“new lines of energy”, nodes”), art’s redemptive power (compare with “the butterfly effect”…)

Absolute KVLTHEIT!!

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