Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pablo Bronstein @ the Met

Who on earth—and by that I mean, New York—would show Pablo Bronstein? Has anyone, aside from, seen Herald St.'s uptown viewing gallery? Clearly Ethan and Thea, and now Magoo! Is NY allergic to Bronstein? Hmmm, probably not for long. Kreps, are you gonna do it? Can YOU save the day?

But srsly enuff speculation by a person who has no clue. What's cookin' in el kitchen del Pablo? The mixed-up files of Basil T. Frankweiler? A Night at the Museum? Where's Stiller and that fat kid from Superbad in those doodles, Pablo? The decorum of "institutional critique" vaguely rears its head—perhaps for Pablo it's a cutesy "institutional awareness"—but this decorum is tweedeedly twisted into arab-strap wearing phantasias that Wes Anderson would envy Sophia Coppola for adorably owning (paging 303?). Who woulda thunk architectural "interventions" could get so zany? Or could it be, "On the Museum's Ruins: An Unabashedly 'Faggy' Children's Book"? While Pablo's childish imagineering has the potential to be a crowd pleaser, it's still above the heshers who race to the Dalis and the foreign exchange nü-masters crowding the european galleries with bespeckeled easels and snug DKNY tees. Pablo, are you too "indie," too uniquely self-styled with your interests that the mainstream "doesn't know what to do"? Perhaps you like nü-darkwave/minimal synth or are you too old/"justified and ancient" for that, preferring to "stand by the jams"? Does America make you feel "weird"? On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate Control? Factory or Disques du Crepuscule? Do you secretly like Harry Potter? Did you pour one out for Gwathmey? Any home furnishings I should be on the lookout for? Do you "struggle for pleasure"? Pablo, these are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the questions that Magoo has for you.

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