Thursday, January 28, 2010

OPENING TOMORROW!! Alex Hubbard@ Maccarone

While "Art Observations" is pretty shameless in the art it promotes, it's not as terrible as every other G.D. awful other art blog out there, many of which simply pull even more rarefied Vidolke moves; moves that probably are viral marketing campaigns for eurotrash like Balice Hertling or D├ępendence—if not these places, some god-foresaken zone cottoned to Yau, Rubinstein, etc. Even propped on the man-hungry shoulders of a supposed p'zone princess, Hubbard is the real deal. So, if the 'Goo don't see ya, you pose! Peep the ridic press text.


  1. great blog .
    really cool to have found you !

  2. Glad you spell ridic correctly! This is a pet peeve of mine!