Monday, January 25, 2010

Look out! Coming this week!

Booyah, Greene Naftali is killing it this winter! After last year's best painting show closed at the gallery last weekend, they bounce right back with the art world's favorite invaders of personal space, Gelitin. Unless the 'Goo don't know better, these Austrians seem to have achieved a rare position in art: broad appeal. Look at those performers, who woulda thunk so many faces would deliberately drink Gelitin's "open for business" kool-aid? Sure, I've heard grumblings that certain NY art bros are fearing the imminent arrival of these Old World juans onto our Hudson shores; that they'll sweep into town and leave nary a committed woman/dude around given their wicked muenster and bi-curious-flavored nipples (do they deodorize? exclusively with cologne?). But such gripes are a mere consequence of not wearing flowing pants, using one's erection as a signpost, one's anus as candelabra, urine as public art, etc. Sure they get around and, unlike their NY peers, they don't even bother pretending not to shy prudishly away from the spectacle of post-millenial art. Gelitin asks, Why say no? Well, Ass is ass.

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