Sunday, January 24, 2010

If you seek...BHQF

Does Bruce High Quality Foundation still have a show??? Or their school, or whatever they're cooking to stay afloat theez days? Now the last installment of "If you seek..." happened to include art that da Magoose actually grooves to... HOWEVER, this time I let the homophonic pun rest unfacetiously on these minor league'rs. While it goes without saying, BHQF if-you-seek'ing S.....U....C....K.....S. Despite the social darwinist agenda embedded within its narrative, the theatrically unreleased 2006 film Idiocracy managed to depict a rather palpable dystopia predicated on the lobotomizing effects of a hands-off democratic bureaucracy run amok by the cultural lifestyles authorized during the worldwide wholesaling of post-soviet capitalism. While doctors, lawyers, filmmakers, politicans and blue-collar laborers largely received the butt end of the film's jokes, artists were curiously exempt from the film's presciently moronic humiliations. But one must wonder, if these professions still live on in the regressive future, where might art fit within the film's landfilled horizons—especially the ever-enlightened subgenre, "institutional critique." Yet after Magoo's radar having been blipped by Bruce's foundation, the imbecilic vanishing point of institutional critique becomes readily apparent: BHQF="Upgraydd" Haacke, Renee Green "with Electrolytes," "full-release" d├ępartement des aigles, etc. Truthfully such equivalents are far too complimentary to the thick-as-a-brick BHQF as the group's art historical "heritage" draws a far more resonant analogy to the film's depiction of the fast-food chain, Fuddruckers, gradual change in nomenclature to "Buttfuckers." Please join Magoo in saying peace to these scrotes!

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